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Our Mission

To provide our clients with the same network reliability, security, privacy, and customer service that the world's largest companies receive.

Our Vision

Too many small and medium-sized businesses have unreliable and unsecured networks. Online privacy goes unaddressed.

Our vision is to efficiently and cost-effectively provide your company with world-class network reliability, security, privacy, and customer service.


We achieve our vision by drawing on our experience and expertise to deploy open source and propriety tools to manage and secure your network.

A retired Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Andrew (Andy) Harper has utilized his expertise in dealing with managing nuclear weapon systems to form the principles of managing the technology environment of small to medium-sized businesses since starting in the IT world in 2002. Business continuity was the focus in the Royal Navy with 100% availability expected on the systems that he managed. Business continuity is now today’s focus for small businesses and there is no one better placed to help forge cost-effective, but comprehensive solutions than Andy.

Experienced Leadership

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